How to make your own facial mask

Mask is used for various reasons. Cleansing, tightening, toning, softening, moisturizing, refreshing and revitalizing worn out tissues.

They can also help to stimulate your skin, help circulation and give you a new look. Below are some easy to make homemade facial masks that yields great results.

1. Egg toning and cleansing mask

To prepare, you need:

1 fresh egg

2 tablespoonful of mayonnaise (or any heavy cream)

Teaspoon rum or brandy


a. Separate white of egg (keep aside), and add the egg yolk to the mayonnaise or heavy cream (whichever one you choose).turn gently until well mixed.

b. Put in the rum or brandy and mixed well, then

c. Beat the white of egg, and add to the mixture until it turns foamy and

d. Apply to clean face (preferably steamed face) and leave for 20-30 minutes

e. Finally remove with a warm towel or warm water

Note: you can get a steamed face by putting face over vapor from a hot water or using a facial steamer.

2. Honey mask

To prepare, you need:

1 table spoon of natural honey

1 table spoon of sour cream

Corn starch


A. add honey to sour cream.

b. Put enough corn starch to make a thin paste

c. Put it on your face and neck

d. Leave for 15-20minutes

e. Finally remove with a warm towel or warm water

3. Groundnut deep pore cleanser

To prepare, you need:

2 tablespoon groundnut meal

Some quantity of witch hazel


A. add groundnut meal to witch hazel to form a thin spreadable paste

B. open up your facial pores by steaming your face with warm water or a facial steamer

C. apply the paste to your face

D. leave for 20-30 minutes

E. then finally wash off with warm water

4. Mayonnaise mask

To prepare, you need:

1 egg yolk

1 teaspoon mayonnaise


A. beat egg yolk and mayonnaise together with a fork

B. apply on face using wash cloth or cotton balls

C. leave for 20-30 minutes

D. finally remove with warm

5. Quick oat mask

To prepare, you need:

1 teaspoon quick oat

1 teaspoon dried mint


a. Put the quick oat and the dried mint together

B. add hot water to make a soft paste

C.rub gently on face

D .leave for 20 minutes

E. then add a facial tonic

6. Tomato deep-cleansing mask

To prepare, you need:

1 fresh peeled tomato

2 tablespoon or more of groundnut meal


A. grind tomato and groundnut meal to make a spreadable paste

B. apply smoothly and gently to face

C. leave on for 20- 30 minutes

D. then rinse off with warm water

7. Yeast softening mask

To prepare, you need:

1 teaspoon dry brewer’s yeast

Wheat germ oil or baby oil

Fresh milk


a. Combine yeast with baby oil or wheat germ oil

B. add hot milk to make soft paste

C.rub on face and neck

D. remove after 20-30 minutes

8. Orange mask

To prepare, you need:

1 small freshly peeled orange

1 egg yolk


A. combine orange and egg yolk and blend well

B. apply on face and neck

C. leave on for 20-30 minutes

D. and remove with cool water

9. Grape toner mask

To prepare, you need:

1 large peeled grape

2 tablespoon sour cream or baby oil


A.mix grape and sour cream together

B.rub on gently to face

C. leave for 20 -30 minutes

D. then remove with cool water

10. Paw -paw (papaya) mask

To prepare, you need:

3 tablespoons of natural yogurt

Some mashed, fresh paw-paw (papaya)


a. Blend the contents well

B. apply to face and let it stay for at least 20 minutes

C. then wash off with cool water

These facial masks have been tried and tested by lots of women of different age ranges, and it has giving great results.

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