How to Maintain Your Computer

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Most of Us have Windows Xp and I Find it Runs very well compared to Windows 98 or Windows 95. But the

Xp tends to Run Slow because as You use Your Computer. You Pick Up Junk and Your Program will Break into

little Pieces or Fragments as the Program Closes. The hard drvie is a Fine Device but not Perfect so Older C

Drives tend to Lost Bits or Pieces of Data. But before You need to De fragment Your C Drive Volume. You can

do a Restart of Your Computer if it Acts Up as a Simple Restart can Fix many Problems. After a Good Amount

of Usage You need to get Rid of Unwanted Files like Temporary Files and Cookies etc… So You go to My

Computer Click on the C Drive and do a Right Mouse Click. You will the Word Properties on the Bottom and

Click on it. Your C Drive Data with a Chart on How much Disc Space You Used. Then it will say Disc Clean Up.

So you run the Disc Clean Up to Rid the Unwanted Files after a Scan is Complete. It will Ask You if You want

get Rid of those Files and Check all the Box to hit the Button to Complete the Clean Up. Do a Restart and

See if Your P.C. Runs any Better. The Next Step is the De fragmenting Tool, So You would go to Your Start

Button and Click Your Programs and You will See Accessories. Open Accessories until You see System

Tools then You will See Disc De fragmenter. Click on Disc Degramment and that will Open and Run Analyze.

This will Tell You if this Volume needs to be Degragmented or Not. Then Run the Defgramenter if it say to

do so or not. It will Take for the Process to Run. Sometimes Big Programs get Corrupted and the above

Steps sometimes don’t Work. Then You need to Reinstall the Program if a Large Programs. You go to Your

Control Panel and to the Add/Remove Programs as this is the best Way to Uninstall a Program. In some

Cases You can go to the C Drive then Programs and some Programs have their Own Uninstall Button as

the Add/Remove Programs Feature don’t Work all the Time. but We need to Remove the Unwanted Files

as they Accumulate and Take Up Space on the C Drive. This will effect a Computers Performance to Slow

it Down   


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