How to better understand God and the role it plays in every day life.

Many people struggle with belief in God and religion in general.  Basically it is not all that complicated to figure out God, and the meaning of why in fact we are here.  We are born because two people chose to have sex and bring forth children into this somewhat complicated world.  Some of us have happy lives, others don’t. 

The saying “life is what we make it” does hold true to a degree.  However, there are many things that we have no control over and that is just the way it is.  We must do the best we can no matter what.  It is probably a good idea to live your life accordingly each and every day.  It is not worth taking the chance of being a bad person and then finding out that when we die we may have to pay a severe price for our actions. 

Therefore, it is best to live your life with morals and sense of responsibility and if there is an afterlife then we will clearly embrace it.  If we find out there is no after life then either way we have nothing to lose or gain. I do believe what the Bible tells me however, I would live my life accordingly weather or not the Bible ever existed.   Good values are taught early in life and they should never change.

In conclusion, it is best to live your life to the fullest, practice moral responsibility and embrace your family; family is the most important of all.

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