Important checklist for your baby-sitter

Leaving your baby with a sitter for the first time can be stressful enough without worrying about whether you are leaving him or her with the right person in the right place .but you can make it less stressful and uncomfortable by leaving down some intrusions for the sitter no matter who the person is.

Even the best-trained, most experienced baby-sitter needs instructions (after all, every baby and every family) has different needs).before you leave your baby with anyone make certain that he or she is familiar with the following:

•How your baby is most easily calmed (rocking, a special song, a favorite toy, a ride in the baby carrier e.t.c)

•what your baby’s favorite toy is

•that your baby should sleep face up with no pillows or comforters

•how your baby is best burped (over the shoulders, on the lap, after feeding, during feeding)

•how to diaper and clean baby (do you use wipes or cotton balls? an ointment for diaper rash?)And where diapers supplies are kept

•where extra clothing is kept in case the one baby is wearing gets soiled

•how to give the feeding bottle, if your baby is bottle fed or is to get a supplement of formula or expressed milk.

•what your baby can and can’t eat or drink (making it clear that no food, drink, or medicine should be given to your baby without your consent or that of the doctors

•any habits or character of your child that the sitter might not expect

•the habits of any pets you may have and also rules concerning the baby and he pets

•baby safety rules, you might want to photocopy one and paste it in an obvious place for the sitter

•where the first aid kit is located

•where the flash lights or candles are located, in case of sudden power cut

•on who to or not to allow into the house when you are out

•what to do in case the fire alarm goes off, or smoke or fire is observed(or even burglar


•important phone numbers(your cell phone or pager number(and that of your husband, if necessary)or place you can be reached, your parents, a friend or neighbor who can be reached, the baby’s doctor, the ambulance,the police and fire service

•cab fare in case of unexpected emergencies

•a signed consent form authorizing medical care within specific limits, if you cannot be reached. This should be worked out in advance with baby’s doctor

It will be very helpful and relaxing to combine this entire list in a paper for the sitter.

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