How to Have a Romantic Thanksgiving

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By Joyce Mann

If the thought Thanksgiving with the family stresses you out, it may be time for an alternative . Here are some suggestions for having a romantic Thanksgiving with that someone special.

1. Make reservations at a classy restaurant. Dress to the nines and head out to the finest eatery in town. If you want traditional Thanksgiving fare, this will certainly be available. But if you prefer Asian fusion, go for it. This is YOUR Thanksgiving. Celebrate it the way YOU want.

2. Cook a romantic dinner just for the two of you at home. If the culinary arts are your absolute passion, this is a great alternative to dining out.

3. Get out of town. Thanksgiving is the busiest holiday for travel, but if you’re not bothered by the rush at airports and train stations, a cruise or ski vacation may provide the perfect solution.

4. If you have children, make sure to provide them with something special. If mom and dad are dining at the Ritz or skiing at Vail, the kids want to have fun as well. Camping out in their grandparents’ living room and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in their pajamas is pure bliss for many kids.

Trading holidays with another couple is a possibility as well. If Fred and Susan take your kids for Thanksgiving, you can welcome their children into your home on a different holiday.

5. Be happy with your decision. If your mother gives you grief that you’re “letting the family down,” well, in all honesty, that is her problem and not yours. And it’s probably why you opted for a romantic Thanksgiving in the first place!


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