What Would A Thin Person Do?

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Have you got a friend who’s on another diet?  (The latest one in a long series).  Or perhaps you yourself have been through every diet known to man – high-protein, high carb, raw, no fruit, fruit only before meals, etc. etc. etc.  I am continually puzzled by the success of diet books – one diet book after another, with a never-ending appetite for them from the general public.  Surely if they worked then the market would eventually dry up?

Another thing that puzzles me is that, reading most of these books, a very large percentage of them seem to have been written by an ex-fat person.  Now maybe it’s just me, but I seem to have read at least half a dozen or so articles suggesting that the success rate for diets is pretty darn low.  The statistics they provide (however reliable) are frequently startling on this subject.  That seems to suggest a high likelihood that even if you are overweight, go on a diet you researched or invented, lose tons of weight and write a million-selling book about it – you’re statistically quite likely to put the weight right back on again.  

Now one of those diets out there might be an exception to this phenomenon.  Perhaps all of its adherents, without fail and without exception, lose tons of weight following it – and keep it off.  If so, though, wouldn’t the market for diet books be decreasing?  Yet there always seems to be another super-hyped one coming around the corner, and frequently selling extremely well.

So in essence, when you buy a diet book from an ex-fat person, you’re buying it from someone quite like yourself in one respect.  That is, someone statistically likely to put the weight right back on at some point.

Wouldn’t it be better to take advice from someone who hasn’t ‘succeeded’ in losing weight – because they were never fat in the first place?  What I mean is, to study the habits and diets of people who never think about their weight, or special diets, or obesity – because they just don’t have to?  It seems to me that you can learn more this way about what will produce the results you want, i.e. long-term weight loss and a healthy attitude towards food, rather than suffering and self-denial.

And that’s why my next article will be about my own views of and approach to food and diet, as a long-term thin person.  Read it and pick up a few tips!


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