Importance of English for a teacher

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English for every teacher

Language is ‘acquired and not learnt’ (Noam Chomsky- 1960)

Importance of English for a Teacher:

In every profession it is important to keep current with new ideas, methods, technologies, research findings etc. Teachers should study, and like all other professional people, should try and stay current.

No doubt English is the most important language in the world, therefore having great English skills will bring numerous advantages to a teacher, especially keeping with the demands of the emerging global market where English is seen as a tool of progress and success.


It is a medium of international communication

A store of knowledge

It’s a language of interest

Language of higher education

Used as standard terminology of physical and social sciences.

Language of diplomacy

Means of keeping pace with modern developments

Language of various competitive examinations

How can a teacher improve and learn English Language?

This can be done through various resources e.g.

(1) Online language courses

(2) Through books and learning module videos

(3) Structured learning sessions (Teacher Training courses)

As a teacher we must work on improving our own mastery of the language. As we already know that the language is an ‘acquired’ behavior and it goes on improving with practice. Here are some suggestions for doing this:

Keeping a good dictionary at hand like Oxford, or Webster’s dictionary.

A good reference grammar is absolutely essential. Keep it with you always.

Keep a diary of vocabulary of words you have learnt recently or which have recently been introduced in newspapers, books or TV broadcasts. (organize the diary alphabetically).

Try to practice English with friends and colleagues, if you have learnt new words or sentence structures.

Read materials in English outside the school text. Start with easy reading material to improve English and build your confidence.

Evaluate yourself. What do you find most difficult to do in English? Listening? Speaking? Reading? Or Writing? Concentrate on improving that aspect by a planned program.

Listen to BBC programs. Watch all English programs from cartoons to films. You may not understand at all in the beginning but if you regularly watch these programs you would improve your vocabulary and get a feel for the language.

Read English newspapers. Start with headlines.

Various computer programs can help you in improving English language skills.


When a language becomes the vehicle of so much thought and activity in a country, it does not remain entirely a foreign language and it assumes a great importance in educational curricula. As a subject of study it is taught as a compulsory language from Class 1 to B.A/B.Sc level.

However emphasis should be on its functional aspect rather than on literature, except for those who wish to pursue Postgraduate studies in English and Literature.

Thus by learning and improving English language skills a teacher not only becomes a better educator, equipping students to face current competitive world but also


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