Job Hunting Tips and Personal Observations

I dressed professionally (sometmes BETTER than the interviewer or potential boss!). I smiled like Miss America (when I often didn’t feel like it). I tried to excude confidence, keep straight posture and maintain eye contact without a total stare-down. i gave firm handshakes to people who smelled (not in a good way), had excessively sweaty palms, or offered a limp handshake in return.

And virtually none of these “proven” methods gave any decent results. 

I then decided to job hunt in a different way and to also go after work I had a passion for. When I started, I had to seek out companies constantly. Now I don’t have to! That’s half the battle fought and won.

Here are a few of my perspectives; I hope some of these will help you in your job search.

1. Try to maintain a positive attitude; it’s difficult at times, because you may feel that nothing is happening fast enough. Sometimes things happen quickly, sometimes it takes a while. When it’s meant to happen, IT’LL HAPPEN.

2. Pamper yourself for each small step or accomplishment.

3. Now, many job “experts” say that the best day to land a job is on a Wednesday morning. I say it’s ANY DAY that the employer decides to hire you.

4.The “experts” also say there’s a best time. I say it’s ANY TIME that the employer decides to hire you.

5. Make a daily “to do” list ; it’ll really keep you organized. I do this all the time. It really does keep me on track.

6. Discover your best functioning time. DON’T take a night job if you know you can’t keep your eyes open past 11 pm. You KNOW you’ll be miserable, so why even go there?

7. Always plan ahead; lay out the next day’s clothes, fix lunches, make sure you have spare cash, etc., the NIGHT BEFORE. Do you want to be stressed out the next morning trying to get all this together? Well Then!

8. If you have several places to go, try to go to them by location order to avoid backtracking.

9. If you’re waiting a while, or are in a long line, bring a book, catch up on your bill payments, or school work (for any age).

10. Whether you’re currently employed or not, always work on improving your skills. I’m currently studying three languages! It also shows that you have motivation and initiative.

11.If you have no job skills or are very rusty, consider being a part-time volunteer (you’ll learn new skills for free) while you’re seeking “regular” work. Or just apply at the volunteer place when something comes up. I did!

12.Always check the Internet. There’s a world of opportunity in cyberspace! You say you don’t have a computer? Don’t fret! There’s the local public library, the local college or community center, law or courthouse libraries (that’s where I went for a while until I could afford my own computer.

13. Do a common thing uncommonly well. Do you have a flair with words? No? Then are you an exceptionally good cook? Nope? How about being a math whiz? Or knowing your way around the insides of a car? There’s got to be at least THAT ONE THING YOU DO EXTREMELY WELL-that’s legal.

14. Pray; pray very hard. It sure wouldn’t hurt. I do this all the time.

15. You can ask around for job leads; contact your relatives (the ones you’re speaking to), friends, your mailman, etc. I personally don’t find this to be very effective, but it may work for you. Maybe I just know too many poor people! But seriously, I now have my own great personal network.

16. You may be able to create your own job, eventually becoming self-employed. If things take off, you’ll always have work!

17.You can become an intern or apprentice at the school or place where you’re attending.   



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