A look at Google Chrome – fast, good features and simple but does it work? Google Chrome

Looking at browsers recently and getting annoyed at Internet Explorer because it kept crashing and is very, very slow  I thought that I would try another browser. When I was searching on Google and saw an advert for it and thought why not? 

I thought if any company can make a great browser surely it would be Google who have the best search engine in the world and have many other useful features like Google mail which is great and I think I have reviewed before, Google Earth, have the number one search engine in the world, own sites like YouTube and Blogger. However Google were not content with all these brilliant programmes and apps they decided to make a browser! 

I have only been using Google Chrome for a couple of days and I am very impressed with it. My favourite thing is just how fast this browser is. I tested it and it is much quicker than Internet Explorer! 

Another feature is that is that when you open a new tab it shows you your 9 most visited websites which makes it even quicker to get to the website you want. This really makes Google Chrome lightning quick and as an example I can turn on Google Chrome and because Dooyoo is in my top 9 most visited websites at number 1 in the list I can get to it and log in in about 3 seconds – Internet Explorer takes longer just to show a webpage on my computer! 

A great feature which I cannot believe anyone else thought of was one box for everything. This means that you can search and type in web addresses in the address bar and get suggestions for both websites and searches! This means if I type in www.d the Dooyoo website address will appear. 

Another feature is incognito mode which I have not tried out yet is incognito mode which basically means that the websites that you visit during this mode are not recorded in your history. This could be useful if you are looking for a birthday present and don`t want the person to find out what you might get them or I imagine could be used for all sorts of purposes! 

The browser has many other useful features but these are probably the best ones and show you how Google Chrome is. I really like Google Chrome because it is fast, easy to use and I can see that if I get to choose which browser I will use at home I will always use Google Chrome for it`s speed and features! 
I would recommend this browser to anyone and thank Google for making surfing the web easier!

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