Hot Fuzz (Simon Pegg) Yarp a really good movie!

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A look at Hot Fuzz…

I watched this movie around a friends and having thought it was so good, bought it cheaply on DVD from HMV a while ago for about £4 which is a bargain in my opinion. 

The main character is Nicholas Angel who is a policeman working in London and is being transferred because he is doing his job too well making the others look bad! He is sent to the village of Sandford where there appears to be no crime and yet on his first day he arrests underage drivers and someone who has been drink driving who turns out to be his partner! 
Shortly after Nicholas arrives a series of strange murders occur… 

Hot Fuzz is a spin at American cop movies with an English feel. I think Hot Fuzz is hilarious and I was laughing through most of it. I have to say that this is a brilliant film with a mix of humour, drama and some bloody murders. Simon Pegg is incredibly good and funny and because of this film I watched Run, Fatboy Run which is also a funny film. There are also a lot of other big names involved in the film – see if you can spot them! 

I would definitely recommend this movie for anyone about 15 up as it is quite gruesome in parts and has some very strong language with a certain c word appearing a couple of times on things like the swear box!!! This is a little bit of a shame as it is such a fantastic film that I would recommend it to all if I could. 

As I mentioned earlier I got this film cheaply and it can be found cheap and is well worth picking up for less than a fiver! 

The film is excellent and I hope everyone watches it! 

5/5 Watch it! 

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