How to travel to the future

1. Sleep late. Recently, I have taken to living on Pacific Standard time (I live in New Jersey) for no particular reason. However, this means that when I wake up, it’s usually around 11:30, so half the day is already gone! Instead of suffering from seven to ten, I only have to suffer from eleven-thirty to ten. Yay!

2. Going along with the first tip, stay up late. When you’re tired, you tend to lose track of time fairly easily, and it will seem to slip through your grasp. Most summer nights, I stay up until 2:30 talking on AIM, writing on Helium or Bukisa, updating my Facebook and Twitter, or doing practice SAT/ACT tests. By the time I’m finished, I’m completely wiped and have no idea how late it is until I check my watch. “It’s two o’clock already?”

3. Exercise. Yes, you may think this is just my answer to everything, but it really works. If you get engrossed in a strenous workout, you’ll lose track of time. Trust me, I know from experience. I usually run in the morning or late afternoon, and I try to lift weights and do core exercises around eleven or twelve at night. Keep in mind, this is still my summer schedule, hence the odd hours. Besides, exercising makes you feel tired, which will make you sleep more.

4. Keep yourself busy. Find some friends, take a summer class (that you enjoy), watch a whole season of your favorite t.v show, read a book, or write a novel; just make sure you have something to do so that you’re not stuck staring at the ceiling all day long. A busy worker’s a happy worker, after all.

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