How to Lose Baby Weight

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Babies are wonderful little things; unfortunately, new mothers usually feel neither wonderful nor little. Losing weight is often the hardest part of post pregnancy, as the prospect of exercising can be daunting when you’re constantly dealing with your screaming bundle of joy. The good news is that losing your baby weight truly is manageable with patience. Following these steps will help you lose weight in a way which is healthy for your baby, your body and your mind.

Breastfeed! Many people know that breast milk is the best possible food for a baby, custom tailored to his or her every need in a way that no formula can emulate. What you may not be aware of is that breastfeeding is also great for the mother – and can burn, on average, 500 calories a day! That’s equivalent to a good, intense hour of exercise every single day, just by feeding your baby.

Eat right! What you eat, the baby indirectly eats as well. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a well-deserved treat every now and again, but in general, you should try to eliminate processed or artificial foods, bad cholesterol and the like. Since you will be working hard to keep up with your baby, you’ll need plenty of nourishment, so now is not the time to start a low calorie diet; feel free to eat – healthily and in moderation – when you feel hungry.

Walk! There’s a reason you see so many mothers walking or jogging with baby strollers. Walking is a gentle form of exercise which requires no financial commitment. It’s great for the baby, too, as he or she will enjoy being outdoors and looking around. Weather permitting, you should try to walk for around 20 minutes a day. However, if you find yourself with too much to do, don’t feel guilty for skipping a day or two.

Be patient. Depending on your metabolism and how much weight you gained during pregnancy, it can take many months to drop the baby weight. You will find, however, that having a new little one to take care of makes time pass faster than you’d think.

Be careful. Don’t overwork yourself or try to start exercising too soon. Giving birth is tough on your body, and it will take time for you to fully recover. Injuring yourself by trying to exercise before you’re ready will do nothing but slow your healing.


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