Slash cigarette costs in half easily

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How to slash your smoking costs in half! This brief article will tell you how to slash those prices in half.

Cigarettes are very expensive, in this recession we need to do everything we can to save money. How can you save money on sky rocketing cigarette prices? It is easy once you get into the habit. I am not talking about using coupons or switching to generic brands.

Most major brands will cost a smoker 45-55 dollars for a carton. Let us split that down a bit here as far as how much they really cost per cigarette. If we use that 45 dollar figure for a carton which is cheaper than the national estimates for the major brands we have 200 cigarettes in a carton the cost for each cigarette is about 22 and a half cents.

Now let us try it the way I smoke. I can purchase a can of loose tobacco and a small package of tubes for 12 dollars and it will make 200 cigarettes. If you were to divide the 12 dollars by 200, you see that it costs me .06 cents to roll a cigarette.

Look at the money you are saving. Would you rather pay 6 cents or 22 and half cents for a cigarette? Would you rather pay $45 a carton or $12 a carton? The answer is clear to me and many other smokers around the United States who choose to roll their own cigarettes.

Old-fashioned filter less cigarettes our parents and grandparents smoked thirty or forty years ago and the rollers they used are gone. We can have cigarettes with filters and the rollers are so simple to use. There is no visual difference in how a rolled cigarette and one bought from a store appears these days. The only unseen difference is rolled cigarettes cost pennies apiece while the others are costing almost quarter apiece.

I can make my two hundred cigarettes last two and I am saving 33 bucks a week by roiling them. That extra 33 dollars a week comes in useful now that I am a single mom.

The price of rolling your own depends on the smoke-shops in your locality. There are plenty of web sites, which also sell loose tobacco but you need to make sure that you pay sales tax to be legal.

Many people will presuppose that this is a difficult thing to do. It is so easy and it will not take long to master either. I can roll fifteen to twenty cigarettes in less than 10 minutes on a leisurely day.

You will have a little hand held machine, which will inject the tobacco into a pre-made filter when you are rolling your own. You simply place tobacco into the depression on the hand held machine and press it down. Then you slide a filter on one end and then pull the unit one way and you will have a cigarette in less then 10 seconds.


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