Should your country legalise escort escort and prostitution.

In America, the latest studies have shown that the laws for prostitution forces the people concerned out of the brothels and into the residential neighbourhoods. The Police policy actually reduces the quality of life in these residential areas and forces the public to put up with the goings on of street prostitution. It goes short of mentioning that the main problem with it is the street prostitutes are exposing their selves to an awful lot of danger. Working girls are preyed upon by sick people such as sex attackers or even worse, murderers and serial killers. One answer to this problem would be to copy European cities such as Brussels or Amsterdam. There brothels are entirely legal and designated a specialized part of town. This helps to minimise street crime. Of course most importantly, prostitutes do expose themselves to much less danger then on the streets.

Street prostitution is well known for its lifestyle of drug abuse and it is used to support the habits of women. This is mainly the result of being convicted at an early age for prostitution and employment can seem impossible in the future. Also however, it is often the case that many start hard drugs when they are young and look to prostitution to finance their habit. With prostitution being illegal, crooks such as muggers or sex attackers view working girls as soft targets to exploit. Prostitutes often will not report it when being attacked or mugged for fear of being prosecuted themselves. If prostitution was made legal more working girls would report such crimes because they wouldn’t be placing themselves at risk of being prosecuted. In such a situation, there would be far less crooks granted with the chance to carry out crime and many more being imprisoned. This would get rid of the crime hot spots where these crooks prowl by moving prostitution off the streets. Take a look at Brussels for example. Crime in such areas is minute in comparison to the U.S.

Sociologists in the State of Nevada, where prostitution is legal, they have intensively researched the prostitution industry and have concluded that crime is lower in multiple parts of Nevada. So if this is true, then there is no reason to continue criminalising brothels and prostitution. Certainly not when it is poor people attempting to support their selves, and, or their family. For many, prostitution is seen as the one way to earn the finances they need to survive. Certain prostitutes do not need the money and some even like the work. Some make more cash then many of their friends and live very comfortably. Bearing all these facts in mind, it doesn’t make sense to me why it is outlawed. For most people that use prostitutes, they’re genuine people and very friendly. Many of them struggle to get into relationships or they have had bad luck in a past relationship.

So then, all in all. The point which I’m trying to make is that if the government concentrated on the more serious crimes instead of oppressing the prostitution industry, it would be much cleaner, safer and pretty much crime free. So why don’t they just make it legal and design some workable rules to adhere to.

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