Here Endeth our World

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It may even be too late, but with a little more thought, we may just manage to succeed.

Here is my work ‘Here Endeth our World’ . It is to go with my coming up song ‘In the Morning Dew’. I wrote the song a long time ago and wrote the poem only the other day. Anyway, here I am going on and on blah blah blah only trying to get to two hundred and fifty words. How many peopel write poems which are longer than two hundred and fifty words? Anyway enjoy the poem and also the song why I manage to get it loaded up. Take care and hope you like it…bye for now. phew!!!

Let me, explain to somebody,

Who wants to hear me say,

I know the end is nigh.

If you, were to believe me,

Would it even make you think,

To change your mind.

Somewhere, beneath the Earth we stand,

Lies the very thing,

We chose to ignore.

Somehow, after the end hast come,

Nature can then be free,

Just how She was before.

Will we, ever listen to the wind,

As when it blows our way,

To whisper us the need.

The need, which we must answer to,

Not to turn a blind eye,

With our known conceit.

Why must, we bite the and that feeds,

For there shalt cometh a day,

When it shall feed no more.

After, when thus hast cometh about,

All charlatans shall foray,

At the impostors.

If we, could just give something back,

Just a little thing,

To save our future ones.

The life, which they all deserve,

So they might just have a chance,

To save our World


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