How to Get Over Your Childs Father After a Breakup

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  • Step 1

Accept it. You need to first accept the fact that the two of you are over now. Get the silly little romantic notions that one day the two of you will fall madly in love again and live happily ever after with your children out of your head. You need to start thinking of him as being no more then just your childs father, and that is all.

Step 2

Seperate yourself from him as much as you can. No calling him because you “forgot” something. No calling his friends and asking about him. No checking up on his myspace, facebook, or other social networking sites. No sending e-mails. Just let it go.

Step 3

Keep communication minimal. Obviously you have a child with him so you need to communicate sometiems. But ONLY communicate with him when it is necessary. (IE: Only when it has to do with something concerning the child.) If the conversation starts heading towards anything else (your relationship, the breakup ect ect..) end the conversation. When you have to see him in person (to drop off the child for visitation ect..) keep it short and simple.

Step 4

Take some time for yourself. Sit down with a box of chocolate, a sappy movie, and enjoy yourself. Cry it out if you feel you have too. Treat yourself out to a manicure, day at the spa, a new haircut ect..

Step 5

Move on. Go out with the girls when you can or maybe go on a date with that guy you always thought was cute.


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