How to Correctly Change a Babies Diaper (For You New Dads)

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Step 1

First lay the child on it’s back and place a changing pad underneath him/her. If you don’t have a changing pad, put something else underneath that you can wash later (ie: towel), just in case there is any leakage.

Step 2

Remove the diaper by loosening the band. Do not just pull the diaper out from underneath the child! You will regret this if there are feces in the diaper. Fold the top of the diaper down, gently lift up the child and pull the back of the diaper out from under it. Roll up the diaper, secure it in a ball by retaping it and throw it in your diaper pail or garbage can. Perferably somewhere that you won’t smell it later.

Step 3

Clean off the child. Use your baby wipes to thoroughly clean off the child. You can gently lift up the childs legs to make sure your getting underneath her/him. Boys are a little easier to clean, while girls have a lot more crevice’s to clean. MAKE SURE YOU WIPE A GIRL FROM FRONT TO BACK in a downward motion! Wiping a girl from back to front may result in fecal matter getting into the vaginal area which will cause infection.

Step 4

Put on the new diaper. Place the back of the diaper under the child. (The back of the diaper is the side with the “sticky tabs”) Pull the front of the diaper over the genital area and secure it by pulling the tabs and sticking them around the waist.


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