How To Grow Your Hair

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It’s true, you do inherite your hair growing ability, but DNA don’t have to take all the  hope away from growing your hair. If you come from parents who lacked sufficient Amino acids and Silica which is a component of certain structures such as hair, nails and skin you’re more then likely will suffer the consequence. Gladly there is away around DNA.

For growing your hair you should want to remember the name BIOTIN. BIOTIN also popular as vitamin “H” and “B7”.

Biotin is much needed for the growth of cells which is one of the reasons why it strengthens hair AND nails.

Biotin is also found in many health & cosmetic products for hair and skin. You can purchase Biotin at the health food store. Try to get it as strong as you can, they have some for 3,500mg and 5,000mg. You should take biotin if your hair is currently coming out DON’T want until the damage is done and then you’ll have to practicly start from scratch.

To put it simple Biotin is nothing more then a Protein and it supports Amino acid support, so even if you have beautiful hair, you can still take Biotin just for more support. As your body ages you’ll have support for you hair and nails.

You should take Biotin AND SILICA together you can get them both at the health food store. They work great together and Silica supports joint structures, so it’s good for your bones as well. Silica promotes hair, skin and nail health AND protects your joints.



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