Advertising options on paid email programs

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Paid email programs are online money-making opportunities that match up advertisers with opt-in membership lists. The advertisers get exposure for their website, blog, or affiliate link. The members of the paid email program earn a small incentive to click on and view the links.

There are several advertising options available at most paid emails programs. You will find an overview of these options below.

Paid to Read Email Advertising

The paid email advertising option is the most popular in paid email programs. The advertiser can usually choose from a paid email worth anywhere from a fraction of a cent to one cent each. That is the incentive that is given to the opt-in subscribers for each ad view. These paid email advertisements will be sent to the membership list with a text add and the advertiser’s clickable link included.

Paid to Click Links or Banners Advertising

Within every paid email program, there are member pages that include links to other methods of making money. One of these options is paid to click ads. Paid to click ads are either text links or graphic banners that the member must click on to earn. Advertisers can purchase a set number of click throughs for these ads.

Rotating Banner Impressions

Banners are graphics used to advertise a website or blog. Most paid email program run rotating banner scripts on every page. This means that one banner from the list of purchased advertising will appear on the website at a time. The banners will rotate through the list randomly until all the impressions are used up. Impression simply means that the banner is shown on the paid email program website. No click throughs are guaranteed with this type of advertising.

Paid to Sign Up Advertising

Paid email program members can also earn by signing up to free programs or websites. Advertisers can purchase a certain number of sign ups for their program. These programs must be free to join. The paid email program owner usually offers no guarantee that the person will be active in the advertiser’s program after signing up.

Paid to Promote Advertising

The last main type of advertising you may find at a paid email program is paid to promote advertising. Many programs offer one or two dollars per 1,000 views of a special paid to promote page. Advertisers can purchase advertising space on these pages. They get exposure when the paid email program members advertise these sites.

Paid email programs offer many advertising options to webmasters, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. By utilizing these paid program advertising packages, they can get a guaranteed number of clicks from people who opt-in for the advertising.


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