Create a decoupage mosaic picture for home decor

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Decoupage is an easy to learn craft technique that uses carefully cut out pieces of paper that are then glued to the item of your choice. It provides a large number of home decor options. There is another way to use decoupage in decorating, however. Creating a decoupage mosaic picture is a great way to spice up your home decor.

Materials Needed for a Decoupage Mosaic Picture

In order to design and create a decoupage mosaic picture, you only need a few materials. First, you need a board of plaque to create your mosaic picture on. This can be wood, heavy cardboard, or even heavy paper. Next, you need either decoupage medium or clear-drying craft glue and water. The glue should be watered down to a milk consistency. The last things you need to create a decoupage mosaic picture are small scraps of differently colored or patterned paper.

Choosing and Preparing the Picture

Of course, planning your decoupage mosaic picture is the first step. You can make any type of picture you would like. It should, however, have definite blocks of color and not contain a lot of detail or shading. We will use the example of a white daisy with a yellow center on green grass with a blue sky background.

The first step in preparing your mosaic picture is drawing or printing out the image. The second step is to cut out squares of your decoupage picture. These should be very small and can include different shapes if you desire. The colors of paper should correspond to the colors in the picture. For our project, you will want white, yellow, blue, and green squares of paper.

Making the Decoupage Mosaic

The final step in creating a decoupage mosaic picture is gluing the whole thing together. On your prepared wood or cardboard, you should use a pencil to make faint outlines of the shapes needed for your picture. Then, arrange the squares of color on the backdrop. The squares should be evenly placed. The last thing you should do is use the decoupage medium or white craft glue to attach each square to the background. Apply a thin layer of the glue to each square and stick it in place. After all paper mosaic pieces are in place, brush another layer or two of the decoupage medium over the whole thing.

Decoupage mosaic pictures are wonderful additions to the decor style of your home. With these easy to follow instructions and simple materials, you will be able to create a mosaic picture out of decoupage in a short period of time. Due to the large range of colors and pictures you can find for decoupage, this is the perfect craft for any home decor style.


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