The Magic of the Waring Pro – Professional Ice Crusher

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I admit it.  I’m one of those people who loves crushed ice, especially when it’s shaved ice like for snow cones and slushies.  Some years ago, I began buying various gadgets designed for making shaved ice.  The problem is that I use these machines so often, that they just don’t last very long.  I finally realized most of these items are made to be used just once or twice a day.  That didn’t fit my needs.

Since I fix ice for drinks several times a day, I needed a stronger device and began searching the internet for a more durable product . The answer to my icy prayers is the Waring Pro Ice Crusher.  The only down side is that while it breaks up ice, it doesn’t crush it.  It’s a compromise I’ve needed to make, to give up shaved ice for a quality ice crusher.  I’ve had it almost two years now, and I’m happy to report that it’s still going strong.

The Waring Pro is used several times daily without ever having a problem with its use. It’s a simple process to utilize the ice crusher.  All you have to do is drop ice cubes down the chute that is on top of the machine.  In seconds, the ice is broken into pieces and released into the large bin at the base.  The clear, plastic bin just slides out.

The large chute has plenty of room for the cubes to slide down. I always empty an entire tray of ice cubes into the chute.  In no time at all, I have a bin full of crushed ice.  There’s never been a stray cube.  Sometimes a cube does get caught in the chute.  It will either just melt down into the bin, or you can just give it a poke with your finger, and down it goes.

The instructions for the Waring Pro indicates that the product can crush fifty pounds of ice per hour and that the bin holds up to twelve cups of ice.  I believe it.  In addition, this product has lived up to all of my expectations.  It’s kept nearby to my work area and used often.  It comes highly recommended.


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