Naproxen is my Miracle

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I’m one of many afflicted with Ostereoarthritis, which is absolutely no fun at all.  In fact, it’s dehabilitating, and it’s painful.  For me it all began a couple of years ago when I injured my knees while moving furniture on my own.  They hurt like heck.  Just as they were showing signs of some improvement, I made the colossal mistake of not paying close attention when I stepped up into my living room on the wrong leg and without proper support.  My  injury worsened big time.  It was so bad that it not just hurt when I was moving, but even when I was trying to sleep.  There was no peace from the agony at all.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with Ostereoarthritis and was given a prescription for the drug, Naproxen.  This medication helps reduce the inflammation which lessens the pain.  I have to say that it’s made a gigantic difference in my life.  The pain is still there and my limitations exist, but before my doctor gave me Naproxen, I was immobile and in utter agony.  At least now I can have some movement without wanting to cry.  Before, every step was a nightmare. Now it’s tolerable to a certain extent.

Naproxen is not a miracle cure, nor is it without its risks.  I actually am very careful about how much I take, but I do need it because it works.  In fact, having gone from excruciating pain to what I have now is like a miracle for me.  Originally, I took two  pills of 500mg a day, one in the morning and one at night.  Keep in mind, I actually don’t like medication and am in no way a pill popper.  In fact, the truth is that I have a hard time swallowing.  Think of me like a dog who has to have her pills in a hot dog.  That’s me.  Fortunately, these pills go right down.  Fortunately, they are supposed to be taken with food, too.

Naproxen has my vote as a proven help with inflammation and pain, and, knock on wood, I haven’t had any side effects from taking it, either.


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