The world as a nanny state

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The governments are telling us what we can and cannot do more and more.

Everyday there seems to be a new law passed somewhere in the world that will change some peoples daily lives forever.

Last month in the US President Obama signed a bill that would ban the sale of ‘harm reducing’* flavored cigarettes.

Here in the UK first they banned smoking in public places which I do agree on partially and then upped the legal age to buy them from 16 to18 and now they are in the process of banning them from being displayed in shops. They keep re-categorising some street drugs, making them nearly legal then changing their minds and putting them back.

It is as though they think we cannot make our own decisions, or they don’t want us to. The people i power seem to like it to much and enjoy running every aspect of our daily lives. It is unfair of those who have chosen to smoke and have done for years to be told they must change their routine. I say this even after seeing first hand what smoking can do as I watched my father who had smoked for 50 years die of cancer. I was there when he passed away. Even with this at the back of my mind I still do not think the government should tell us what we can and cannot do, we have our ow minds, we should be given all the facts then be allowed to make our own decisions.

* Harm reducing cigarettes actually have more toxins in them so are actually worse than the normal ones. I think this is his reason for his decision.


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