Wendy’s Downfall

I’m a person of convenience.  It’s something I’ve said a million times, and that’s why I have always loved fast food restaurants.  Up until my financial situation changed so much that I just couldn’t do it anymore, I frequented fast food places probably 5 of 7 days a week, ifI’m a fast food addict. Over the many years of my life, I’ve had many favorites, but sooner or later, the tides turn, and a new favorite is found.

Years ago, I loved the Wendys chain, and there were several all around, but they were bought out, leaving only a couple around and none of them were convenient.  Then all of a sudden, they began to spring up again.  I was a happy camper.  It got to where I went to this place several times a week and sometimes twice a day.  I really loved their food.

My favorite was the big bacon classic combo.  The hamburger was cooked well, the French fries were consistently tasty, and I loved that they had my favorite vice available for the drink, Pepsi.  All of this cost about $4 and change.  However, a nasty wind began to blow in.  In the space of eight or nine months, my $4 meal rose to $5.05.  I was shocked and frankly, I couldn’t afford it.  It was time to switch to the value menu and the 99 cent fries.  Even that increased twenty cents in just another couple of months.  In one year, Wendy’s had gone from tasty and affordable to tasty but out of my price range.

The whole thing is ridiculous.  My delicious burger, yummy fries, and enjoyable Pepsi days at Wendy’s were about to be over.  The workers at the window were usually very nice.  Like most fast food places, there were issues from time to time.  I’m a stickler about them filling my drink up to the top and for my fries to be piping hot, so I give them a hard time about that.  However, I was a regular, and they knew me.

Now, though, I may go to Wendy’s once a month, if that.  They’ve raised their prices so much that they’ve made it impossible for me to eat there, especially when their burger size isn’t equal to a place like Burger King.  I have to go where I can get the best bang for my fast food buck.

It’s a shame really.  I hope Wendy’s figures out an answer, or they’ll be history once again in this part of the world.  I’d hate to see that, but it’s off their own making.

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