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Tagging your site is one of the most important issue on how to get traffic to your site. when we subcribe to Google search engine or Yahoo search , our blog must already be tagged (meta tag ). Meta tag is a line of information about the content and decription about our blog which consist of Keywords.
Keywords must inline with our blog theme because manipulating keywords will be awaste of time which conflicting the google crawls.

Google’s crawl rate keeps a historical record of how many pages they’ve crawled on your website in the last 90 days. They show you the minimum, average, and maximum number of pages they “fetch” from your website on any given day. As a blogger, you want that number to be heading higher, especially as you look at the graph over time. The more pages you create, the more incoming links you attract, and the higher your crawl rate goes.

Google doesn’t mention anything particularily sinister in its’ description of the Crawl Rate, but the basic idea is, Google uses the Crawl Rate to determine how worthy the pages on a website are and then they set a crawling schedule appropriately. If they can tell your website infrequently updates, they’ll assign a higher cost to crawling your pages and do it less frequently. If you have a high crawl rate, it means you have lots of fresh content that will be added to Google’s index fast.

For example : If your site is about politics, your tag should be democracy, money politic, political parties, etc.
Assuming we have found our keywords, all you have to do is.

  • Open your blog and continue at “Edit HTML “.
  • Tick “Expand ” box
  • Find Code line
  • Underneat the the line
  • Put together

  • Click “Save Template”
  • Now your site is ready to be submitted at Google Search Engine or Yahoo Search.

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