Start And Stay Exercising

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You’re going to need some form of cardio it could the elliptical, treadmill, stair master, stationary bike even a walk, run, jog outside is included. You need cardio because cardio burns fat, but you don’t literally begin to burn fat until 20 minutes into your workout so I have a few suggestions to make an hour or even more fly by!

Ever thought of working out in front of the television? It’s great and an excellent way to take your mind off time. You wont find your self constantly looking at the clock or taking so many unnecessary breaks while working out, So just place your elliptical, treadmill, stair master, stationary bike in front of your T.V. If you workout at the gym there’s still hope for you. You can listen to your IPOD or MP3 player while working out, or you can read your next lesson for a college course or school or any other book you want. You can also follow this step if you walk, run or jog outside.

* Make sure to be attentive to your surroundings

Don’t forget about exercising in groups! This can be a fun way to take your mind off the remaindering minutes left AND you’re more likely to continue working out oppose to you doing it alone.

Ever thought about lifting your 5 pound weight while searching on ehow, watching T.V or waiting for water to come to a boil? These simple activities and many others can help you build muscles and burn calories while you’re sitting or just waiting. Did you know that muscles burn 6 MORE CALORIES than plain “ole” FAT? Yes it does now you have a huge reason to put weights into your workout plan.

* Girls too!


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