Watching So Much TV

Do you know exactly what you’re missing out on when you watch more then “just” 3 hours of television in one day? A lot you’re missing out on making new friends or expending your business and you’re shortening your education. You only live once don’t let T.V steal your life. One of the many reasons why people gain weight is because they’re inactive and T.V is part of the problem. Don’t let something as simple as T.V be the reason for your weight gain.

Don’t just watch real life situations live them. Think really hard and well and find what you really want out of life, then find a positive way to make it happen. I know it seems easier said then done, but it’s possible.

You say you have no friends and there’s nothing to do. Not good enough go out and make new friends. At school, work, church, the gym, local events they’re always people.

*Always remember to show your self friendly

People like to be around people that are nice and confident, so be nice and try your best to be confident.

Yeah you could read a book, or you could write one. Find a very active hobby one where you have to show case your self and talent. For instance help to train dogs or go diving (BE SURE TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!) rollerblade, swim or even go to the gym regularly.

you’re sure to meet new people that way.

Don’t let T.V steal from you any more! Don’t feel bad if you continue to consume a lot of television it takes time, but do make an effort.

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