How to Make a blog to gain Referrals for PTC websites

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This is my most favorite and easiest way to gain referrals for all of the Paid-to-Click websites I currently click and invest in every day. Every member of these types of sites wants more referrals and this is a very good way to get them.

First of all, you are obviously going to want to visit If you do not have a or user name then you are going to want to sign up at one of them. (I use both and I highly recommend them rather than or yahoo)

After you have a hotmail/gmail and have registered with blogger, you are ready to make your blog. Each step is very critical to having a succesful referral blog!

  1. When naming the blog (URL) you need to make it something that has to do with PTC or money and is easy to remember. Ex.
  2. After you have created it and figured out the URL, pick a random template to change later on. Than I recommend going to to find a better blog template.
  3. If you don’t know how to install blogger templates see:
  4. After it is installed you need to go get some of your banners from all of your PTC websites and paste them in a notepad document or a note on your desktop for quick reference. Make sure you have the HTML code for each banner, this is usually located under the promote or banner section of the PTC websites.
  5. Now make an introduction post, nice and short and stick to key words, talk about how you have made money and why those sites are the best and are all trustworthy.
  6. Place the rates or amount of money users are warded for each type of click, yours or referrals, then put the banner right above or under the rates. Each banner should have a juicy sentence making the PTC site sound so irresistable that the visitors will want to join the very moment they read it. Try to imagine you are the one reading your blog and hearing about the site for the first time.
  7. You are mostly finished now. Done with the hard part. Examine your blog and see what would make it more appealing and eye-catching. Add your last few tweaks and extra paragraphs or words.

Finally, we are down to the optional part. These are the tactics I use to manage my blogs every day.

Find Payment Proofs for ALL of the websites you link to on your blogs and post them everywhere you talk about the website you are referring members to!

I recently started using a very wonderful website called It is a social networking site that pays for discussing topics with others about whatever you want. I am a very active member there and I use it to enhance my knowledge of many things online. I promote my blog and PTC sites vigorously on mylot. It works very well, especially if you are very nice to people or you submit your blog name in your profile. It is not against the rules to post blog links there, just referral or affiliate links. So my advice is to sign up there for free and use to to your advantage.

Finally…TE or Traffic Exchange websites will also bring loads of traffic to your website. My favorite is because you can click 1 link and get 1-5 credits! I click for about 8 hours a week. It gets me about 1000 hits combined with They both have brought me quality visits that I have gained referrals from.

OK so if you applied all of these methods to making your first (or not first) PTC referral money-making blog, than you should have a steady amount of referrals coming to you in a few days depending on how you promote and present yourself. Continue to work hard and you WILL be rewarded.


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