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I have started being a freelance writer some eight months from now. By freelance writing, I mean taking on jobs which I individually applied for, and I do not have an employer or manager who does the marketing for me. Well, technically, I am affiliated with oDesk, and while they do not actively promote or manage my career, their workplace allows me to look for jobs and offfer my services to buyers all around the world.

This works very well for me, because I literally have thousands of jobs to choose from everyday. Of course, when I say “choose” it does not necessarily meant that the last say is mine! All it means is that I have thousands of prospects within my reach. After some time, I got tired applying for jobs all the time and waiting for interviews, so I picked “regular” jobs – those that are on a long-term contract, where I sort of serve like an employee for the buyer. I retained a couple of these gigs and when I have extra time on my hand I go back and apply for some one-off jobs. This is sort of better, since I don’t have to research for the topics all the time, and also, I save some time, too, since I don’t have to do interviews and trial articles anymore.

Eventually, my attention was caught by the idea of a “passive income”. Passive income is what you generate from works that you have done a long time ago, but is continued over time. Some examples of which are blogging for adsense, writing for Helium, Triond, Hubpages, and others. I tried all of these and admittedly, the income is not guaranteed, and does not come fast. Unlike with writing for a client where I get paid immediately after I submit the output, I am not sure when the pay will come, and how much it will be. But, there is that opportunity to earn over time with no other output required.

While researching about passive income, I came across BUKISA, and how it works. So far, it has been the easiest way to make money online, and to generate passive income. The difference between BUKISA and the other workplaces is that BUKISA lets you earn per view, not per click. So, even if no one clicks on the ads featured on your page, you still earn. With others, you only earn when someone clicks on the ads on your page.

My personal experience showed me a very good proof. I have signed up for adsense a month back and have only earned $0.05. With BUKISA, I have already earned $1.02 after only a few days.

Yes, I am talking cents here but over time and as my contents get viewed more often, this income will be significant.

Feel free to ask me questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

Happy freelance job hunting!


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