A sure Way to Decrease your Chances of Developing Heart Disease

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Heart Disease has steadily increased over the years.  There are several factors involved concerning the increase in heart attack, and heart related diseases.  High blood pressure, weight, stress, and diet all play important roles in weather or not a person develops heart disease.  Hereditary factors play a role in heart disease also.  There are some simple ways that a person can cut their risk of developing heart disease by at least 25%.

 First, healthy diet is key to overall good health.  As much knowledge as we have today about diet and health, people seem to continue with their unhealthy diet and lifestyle.  By modifying our diet and substituting high calorie foods with healthy snacks we can lose up to 30 pounds within a year and we can improve our cholesterol and overall health.  Most people succeed in changing their eating habits when it is done over a gradual period.  Crash diets and starvation “doesn’t” work.  

 Next, by incorporating just 20 minutes of exercise 2-3 times per week can cut the risk of heart attack and stroke by at least 20%.  Exercise keeps the blood flowing and improves a person’s mental and physical state of mind.  Many Americans are still not aware that these modifications can add years to their life.  The exercise can be something as simple as a 20-minute brisk walk, or 20 minutes on the treadmill. 

 Finally, when you go food shopping, try to substitute butter with lo-fat spreads.  Butter is ok once in a while but is high in calories and it has been proven time and again to clog major arteries leading to the heart.  Don’t put it off another day.  Change your life today and it will make the world of difference.


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