Make an Easy Holiday Card Holder

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Celebrate the season with an easy holiday craft project:  making your own Christmas or holiday card holder from a simple wire design. With a few simple craft items and a little imagination, this standing holder becomes the perfect choice for decorating a mantlepiece, hall table, even a festive dining room or window display. All you need is a roll of sturdy craft wire, a pair of wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, craft paint, and a little piece of moldable air-dry craft clay to secure the base.

Using the wire cutters, snip off a long piece of wire; use the needle-nose plies to curl one end into a tight, decorative spiral. Push the spiral inwards to flatten it, leaving a little space between the loops. Remember, the tight coil is key to is holding your cards for display! Make a single loop at the opposite end, wrapping it in place before bending it perpendicular to the wire at the joint. Repeat with several more, to craft the “branches for the stand.

Take a generous piece of craft clay and mold it into a smooth disk or the desired decorative shape, keeping the bottom flat to form the base. Press the circular end of your wire stalk into the center of the clay sculpture, then cover over and smooth around the base where the wireis inserted. Once dry, paint your wire and clay base and add a little glitter or decorative finish for an extra-special holiday touch.

Use the remaining spirals to form limbs for a “card tree”, winding their stems together down to the base. Use a wide and thick clay-sculpted base to help hide the base loops and hold your tree upright. Decorate empty curved “branches” with little jingle bells or miniature holiday ornaments to add a creative holiday touch.

For additional unique design, try using different pliers to curve the card holder into a squared-off or diamond spiral for decorative reasons. Crafters can also skip the clay base and glue the wire base loop inside a tin-punched can or votive candleholder instead, holding it in place with a lump of soft clay or hot glue.


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