Tips for Creating a Primitive Arts or Crafts Blog

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Make your crafts or artist’s blog irresistable for visitors and potential customers by installing a little extra “eye candy”. Whether it’s a slide show or simply a bold color scheme, these extra details are simple, free, and easy to install.

Add a new layered background to your blog that fits your style and creative needs. The Cutest Blog on the Block has an online site filled with free backdrops that are quick and easy to install on your existing Blogspot site. With hundreds of unique patterns and designs to chose from, it’s easy to find something that will catch any visitor’s eye.

Design a unique banner for your blog — it’s the first detail visitors will notice, so it should stand out as attractively as possible. Use your business logo or an original piece of artwork, along with cool fonts spelling out your title and subtitle. Programs like Photoshop, Photofiltre, and Paintbrush will let you draw, size, and create a simple original banner using text and artwork.

Add a slideshow featuring promotional photos or pictures of your original artwork or products. Services like Flickr and Photobucket offer free accounts that make it easy to upload photos and arrange them in slideshows. Photobucket’s free slideshow templates let you choose creative images like snowflakes, a drive-in movie frame, even an old Polaroid snapshot motif to frame your images.

A visitors map or counter widget is also a great blog features. Show off the number of visitors to your site, the names of their blogs, or the places they live using one of the many free online trackers.

Mapquest lets you feature the number of cities and countries that visit your blog on a daily basis, while a free Neo counter lists the number of visitors by country. The internet world is full of unique counters that add up the number of visitors over time and display the figures in cute designs to match your blog, from clock-style motifs to shiny red apples.

Incorporate many of your links as “buttons”. Simply tag your link to a picture instead of using a text line, so visitors who leave your blog to visit your online store or shop (or one of your friends) click on a matching image. Just resize your original photos and artwork to fit and let visitors be drawn to click by an irresistable visual.


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