How Do I Find a Job I Like?

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Just take a while to visualize your days if you were enthused and motivated about the work you did.

Doing a Job that you enjoyed, working with like-minded people, doing a job that interested you.

Can you imagine how good that would feel? How energized, productive and happy you would be?

What do you feel about your position at the moment?

  • Stressed, Do you feel like opportunity is passing you by?
  • spend you’re days dreaming of being somewhere else?
  • Do you feel you have job burnout?
  • Do you feel you are suffering from work stress?
  • Do you suffer poor concentration?
  • Do you long for a meaningful Job?

The answer to this problem

Follow these three steps

1. Discover your natural work motivation

2. Do it.

3. stop everything non-essential

How do you find your best role?

Finding out what motivates you, what sparks your imagination, and indeed finding out what doesn’t appeal, is a great place to start.

What’s a practical way to do this?

The easiest and quickest way to find out would be to take a motivational test. Sign up grab a coffee or your beverage of choice, and prepare to spend 30 minutes answering multi-choice questions, which will uncover some real gold dust information. Just answer the questions honestly without to much thought, it’s about getting your natural perspective. Once signed up you can do the test in one sitting, or save your work, and come back to it when your boss leaves the office. Once you have done your test you will be given an assessment.

You now have some valuable insight and independent insight into your personal motivations.

However, the goal of taking a motivational test is to get a fast and independent assessment on your work motivation.

You should NOT let the test alone make your decisions for you.

It’s simply a fast and efficient way of starting your thought process, and will hopefully be triggering some further ideas. The next step is over to you, dig deeper into what you like and dislike, and do some serious thinking. Further aid this journey by considering the following questions. Prompt your thought processes further by considering and answering the questions below.

Ask yourself the following list of questions.

1. Why you do, or don’t do, certain tasks at work?

2. responsibilities draw upon your most motivated talents?

3. You’ll have motivations that are rarely used, what are they? You may have to think back to your childhood for clues. What did you dream of being? Always play the part of when play acting? What hobby would you sink all your effort and time into?

4. Which of your responsibilities require your lesser skills? Abilities?

5. How, with thought could you change this to better harness your personal skills and motivations?

6. How does your career fit your chosen way of relating to colleagues ?

7. Are the circumstances that motivate you present? ?

8. Is there a role in your business that’s a better fit than your current one? If so, what do you need to do to prepare for it?

9. If you are feeling drained or burned out, which aspects of your role are out of alignment ?

10. If you feel you are in the wrong organization or profession , what can you do about it? .

If you decide to sit down with your boss and improve your current role , or decide upon pastures new, you now have a sound foundation from which to build…


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