Three Major Vitamins That Can Lessen Appearance of Skin’s Age Lines

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Nutritionists and dermatologists say taking vitamins C, E, and A orally and topically can lessen the appearance of fine lines by 25%.  How?  Ingested nutrients protect the skin’s inner layers; topical vitamins benefit its outer layers.

Vitamin C

Internally:  Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen, the cement that holds skin cells together.  Without enough of this skin vitamin, skin becomes bumpy and wrinkled, and pores tend to increase in size.  Food sources for vitamin C include citrus, berries, and broccoli.

Externally:  Vitamin C forms a protective barrier that helps ward off free-radical damage.  It also serves as a mild sunscreen, acting like an anti-inflammatory and reducing the negative effects of the sun.  Vitamin C serums can be bought at your drugstore.  You may also ask your dermatologists for good product recommendation suited for your skin.

Vitamin E

Internally:  Vitamin E is a free-radical “scavenger” hunting down and neutralizing destructive molecules before they wreak havoc on the skin.  To get longer-lasting benefits, combine vitamins C and E.  After vitamin E has done its job it becomes inactive, which is when vitamin C steps in and recharges it.  Food sources for vitamin E include wheat germ, vegetable oils, whole grains, nuts avocados, and strawberries.

Externally:  Vitamin E has proven to be the vitamin that penetrates the skin most effectively to form a barrier against free-radical damage.  It is also a superb skin moisturizer.  There are many moisturizing creams available in the market now that are vitamin E enriched.   Choose wisely.

Vitamin A

Internally: Vitamin A regulates cell development and maintains cell membranes, preventing cells from deteriorating and plugging pores, which can result in acne.  Vitamin A food sources include fish, egg yolk, and liver.

Externally:  Vitamin A speeds cell regeneration while increasing skin’s elasticity and thickness.  It also normalizes dry skin and protects skin from bacteria and infections.  Vitamin A creams are readily available in stores.  Use them to keep you skin healthy.

This dual approach (inside and out) to skin nourishment will ward off unwanted lines giving your skin a healthy glow for life.


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