The Michael Jackson No One Knew

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bollywoodWho was Michael Jackson?

Was he a genius singer, songwriter, and dancer?  Or was he just Wacko Jacko?  Maybe he was a deeply loving father who was also possibly a child molester?

Let me be clear, I did not personally know Michael Jackson. I never met the man and my opinion of who the man was  is only as informed as all the other people out there with an opinion. Let’s face it, opinions are like noses; almost everyone has one. It is for this very reason that I’ve decided to write this article.

What I will say is this; I refuse to see Michael Jackson through a single lens. A lens given to me by a bias media feeding frenzy who just a few years ago tortured Michael with a complete lack of privacy, judging his every action as that of someone who was “wacko”. The same media today deify the man with 24-hour news coverage.

Was Michael Jackson a Master, a Monster, or simply a Man who we saw through a distorted lens?

The simple truth is that, I like you, during my life,  have suffered the cruelty of those who were only willing to see me through a single perception of who I am.  Over the years I have worked with many people who have battled to be seen as more than fat, thin, ugly, too pretty, too smart, too dumb, too young, too old, or some other limiting idea . Each one of these people, just like you, was far more than the labels put upon them.

While walking down a busy street with a friend of mine chatting and laughing,  I suddenly noticed someone I knew approaching us. This person seemed to recognize both my friend and me.  The person approaching nodded a cool hello and carried on.  I thought little of the event until two days later when I was on my own and bumped into the same person who had given us the cool nod.  This person walked up to me and said:

“How can you be friends with Joe, (alias for my friend), he is such an ass?”

My answer was simple: “I have no idea who you are talking about.” This guy said; “yes you do, I saw you with Joe the other day.”  I reiterated: “I have no idea who you are talking about. Yes you saw me with Joe but I have no idea who the ass is you are referring to.”  This guy then seemed to feel it was his duty to fill me in on all Joe’s faults.  I quickly interrupted him and said: “That’s not my experience of Joe and your experience is your own. I will not judge Joe by any other experience than the one I have with him.”

Michael Jackson arrived in most of our lives via ‘the box’, as we watched glued to our TV sets; we saw a very young and extraordinarily talented kid sing, dance, and warm our hearts.

Most people only knew Michael through that same box and on June 25th, 2009 it was that box that told us of his death. On July 7th, 2009 Michael appeared one final time in another box, his casket, and the world said it’s goodbyes to a man they once called the ‘King of Pop’. Michael Jackson came to us via a box and like most of us will, he also left in one.  However, it is up to each and every one of us to decide if we will keep him in ‘the box’ we were sold him in.

Michael Jackson was clearly an outstanding talented man at what he did for a living; he was not an average guy with a 9-to-5 lifestyle. But, let us not forget that even the average guy deserves to be seen through more than a single lens. Human beings are much more than the boxes we like to put them in…

We are all multifaceted beings whose many sides are impossible to see if we’re busy standing in judgment of a single facet.

There’s a good chance that even though you are reading this I don’t personally know you.  Nonetheless, how would you feel if someone judged you, put you in a box through a single facet of your life.  IE: “Oh you’re a stay at home mom, so obviously you’re a…” Or, “Oh, you’re in the banking business, obviously you’re…”

Is this kind of thinking any different than judging a person by their colour, creed, or religion?

Prejudice is prejudice.

One type of prejudice is not better or worse than another.

What prejudice is at its very roots is the inability to see a person as a whole that contains many parts.

Furthermore, prejudice is judging someone through a myopic single lens that blinds us to the beauty of who they are above and beyond that narrow view we have decided is the only representation.

There was a time when the media said Michael was a child molester and you may have heard that and agreed. After all, the evidence we the public were fed was incriminating.  But, let us also remember that at his memorial his daughter Paris said:

“I just want to say; ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.  And I just wanted to say, I love him so much.”

My final words on this are simple: I did not know Michael Jackson. I only have my very limited experience of how I choose to have his life impact mine.

I cannot and will not judge the elephant by its tail alone.

I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Until next time live with courage, Dov…

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