Your Spouse Is Vegan: Is It A Problem?

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So, your spouse is vegan.  At least, I’m assuming that’s why you’re reading this article!  Perhaps he (or she) was that way when you met him, so you’ve had a chance to get used to it.  (Unless you haven’t been together very long).  Or perhaps it’s a recent change of heart, leading to a change of diet.  

Your response to your spouse’s decision to eschew all animal products may depend on what diet you choose to follow yourself.  Of course, if you’re a vegan too, it may be terrific news and something you’ve secretly hoped for for a long time!  If not, then the announcement may have been a little more startling.  

If you’re a vegetarian, then you’re probably at least familiar with the basic principles of the vegan diet, and able to rustle up a few vegan recipes without too much difficulty.  If you’re a meat-eater, then it may seem a bit more challenging.  

Are you wondering what on earth to buy and cook for your loved one?  I wouldn’t worry too much: there are a ton of cookbooks and websites out there dedicated to the vegan lifestyle.  You’ll be deep-frying tofu and juggling kombu and aduki bean patties before you know it!  

Perhaps the social aspect is more intimidating to you.  What on earth is he going to eat when you go out to dinner?  Will your parents disapprove?  What is he going to feed the kids?  (And the cat!)  Well, a) there are a lot of vegan restaurants out there, b) at dinner parties a friend who is a good friend will be accommodating, c) a lot of regular ethnic restaurants have fabulous vegan options (tempura!  mmm!) and d) talking things over with your spouse and family can sort out a multitude of woes.

(Oh, the cat?  That could definitely be a problem…  Check with your vet prior to changing a pet’s diet).  

If you have concerns about the nutritional adequacy of a vegan diet then it might be an idea to ensure your spouse has a chat with his doctor about it.  Maybe you could go along and offer your two cents, plus you’ll be able to gently remind him of any advice from the doc further along the line.  

But mostly, don’t worry: as the proud possessor of a vegan partner, I can assert that it’s a potentially delicious, adventurous way to eat.  I’m going to go chase up some vegan chocolate brandy cake right now, yum!


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