Medal of Honor – Heros 2 Review


Over the holidays I picked up Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the Wii. It cost me about 30 dollars, leaving me enough cash to pick up a clone of a zapper. This was the first first-person shooter that I had picked up for the console. Upon loading up my zapper and starting the game, I was greeted with 3 types of gameplay, arcade,campaign, and multiplayer.


this game mode is basically a version of those arcade games that you can find in the movie theatre that let you pick up a bright red gun and shoot targets. You yourself are not going to be moving yourself, instead you just shoot and the computer moves you.


This game mode is organized just like a regular first person shooter. You find your way through maps to complete objectives for your mission. As far as the story goes, your mission is to keep hitler from creating a nuclear weapon. There are three different difficulties. The AI is not a genius, but the game is diverse.


This is the side of the game that makes it stand out. In Medal of Honor friends codes are not needed, as they usually are for the Wii, this allows you to play with up to 32 multiplayer maps (the most for Wii). There are three game modes, Death Match, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag. It takes a while to ge a feel for the online mode, because it moves faster than a regular game. (split screen is not supported)
4.Graphics – overall I was not impressed with the graphics, they seemed to be the same textures that were used in the PSP version of the game. Overall the textures weren’t the worst part of the graphics, the special effects, such as explosions and the water.

Wii Side

Because this game is for the wii, it is natural that special features are implemented. This includes the point and shoot which is easily to learn as it comes naturally. Also to throw a grenade simply use the remote like you where throwing an object. Other actions include , Pumping a shotgun, close quarter combat, and reload.

Overall the game offers solid gameplay with the bonus of Wii like configuration, the pointing and shooting factor is the best part of the game. However it is not a hardcore shooter, but it should be entertaining for most people.

Overall 7/10

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