Making It Work.

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Hey everyone, I’m new here so thought I’d start off with a popular category. I’m very close to eighteen years old and my relationship with my girlfriend started about two years ago. She was fifteen and I was sixteen and I had never really been, as they say “in love” with a girl before. But how are you really supposed to tell if you love someone or not? You don’t! Simple as that; it’s something that just happens over time if the person your with really suits your personality.

I met my girlfriend one night at her house; she was having a few friends over and one of her friends was my best mate’s girlfriends back at the time, so we got entry as well. At first I never really felt attracted to her, but later on during the night her friends would pass on the little chinese whispers and tell me that she thinks I’m cute! At first I thought, “sweet! a hookup!” But I soon realised that that’s not  what I’m looking for. I walked outside to the hammock she was rested in and joined her just to talk. We talked about ourselves and our backgrounds and what not. After about 30 minutes of talking, I kissed her under the stars and then we had to leave the house. The next morning at my mates house, we get a call at about 9:00am from the 4 girls and one of them wants to speak with me. I picked up the phone and started talking to her, and then stupid old me, asked her out! who does that? asks a girl to date them after just meeting them. Anyways, to my surprise she said yes! I barely knew this girl but something about us just sparked and the connection was so clear to everyone around us! From a girl I barely knew to a girl I’ve been happily going out with for about 2 years. Something about that told me she was going to be the one. I hope so because she’s fantastic!

Anyways, enough about me, let’s go over some steps to keep a relationship going, or at least do some nice extra things for that woman you love so much. 

Step 1: Ask her out on a date at least once or twice a week so she doesn’t think you have more important things to do.

Step 2: Cook for her! simple as that. Stay home sometimes and cook. Your recipes can’t be that horrible!

Step 3: Please don’t tell them you love them on the first date you get together on. Thats not what a girl wants.

Step 4: DO NOT pressure them into things they feel insecure doing. That is fairly straightforward but still.

Step 5: Treat them like they are a one of a kind, because they are..

Step 6: Find out when their birthday is and remember that date like your life depends on it! never ask a second time. 

Step 7: Once far enough to meet the parents, create a strong relationship with them, get them to like you no matter how much you don’t like them. (good if you do like her parents though.)

Step 8: Don’t spoil them with your money, spoil them with your love. =)

Step 9: Get yourself a balance between your girlfriend and your friends. Don’t spend too much time with one and lose touch with the other.

Step 10: When the time is right, (you’ll know when it is my friends.) tell them you love them!


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