Is It Time To Stop Buying Lottery Tickets?

Well, it it?  I guess you must be thinking about it or you wouldn’t have clicked on this article.

Is there ever a wrong time to stop buying lottery tickets?  Well, for people who choose the same numbers every week – who know them off by heart like they know their own birthday and middle name – then probably any time is a bad time.  You stick to the same numbers and you’re locked in!  There’s always the possibility that this week you decide you’re not throwing money away on the lottery anymore – and the possibility that this week is the week that those numbers come up!  

Oh, imagine just how heart-thuddingly sickening that would be…  No, if it was me and I had my own special memorised series of numbers, I could never stop doing the lottery.  The risk is just too big!

But other than that… well, when isn’t a good time to stop buying lottery tickets, that’s what I say!  Oh, I guess if you’re loaded already and just buying them for a bit of entertainment then it’s understandable as a little extravagance.  But on the other hand, if you’re loaded already, then what are you buying lottery tickets for?

On the other hand, if you’re not loaded, and your budget is feeling even the most minute twinge of discomfort due to rising fuel prices and the cost of living…  well, you know what to do!  Even worse, if you’re in debt – or even close to sinking into it – then lottery tickets are really not the answer to your problems.  Honestly, take my word for it, they’re truly not!

Oh, okay, there is a one in several million chance that they just might solve your problems… but I wouldn’t like to bet my shirt on it.  Or even twenty pence, for that matter!

Seriously, there are a hundred and one better things to spend the money on.  You could probably buy a domain name for a year with the money you spend on the lottery in a week.  Point it at a Blogger blog (free!  gratis!  for nothing!), chuck some affiliate links and Adsense on there, and hey presto!  Your ‘lottery’ money is making you money instead of taking it out of your pocket!  (Admittedly, unless you absolutely bust your patootie it’s liable to be making cents rather than dollars, but still, it’s the principle of the thing…)

If you don’t fancy tinkering around with blogs and affiliate programs and such, you could buy some craft materials, throw some tchotchkes together and list on Etsy.  Presto, a potential earner right there!  Or go crazy at a yard sale and list your finds on or Ebay.  You get the idea.  Even three or four dollars can be an investment, earning you knowledge and expertise, if not money immediately.  Maybe you could use the gas to get to your local French conversation get-together, making your a more valuable, more employable worker.

What do you want to win the lottery for anyhow?  Do you think it’ll make you happy?  (Okay, it would make me personally egregiously, offensively deliriously happy.  But that’s me, I’m shallow.)  You’d probably run through the money in a couple of years and wind up broke anyhow!  Heck, we have to tell ourselves something…  Just stop buying those tickets!

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