How To Promote Your Product Or Service With Little To No Marketing Budget

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By now most of us know that the web is littered with ways to make money some legitimate and some not so much. The key to making money with any opportunity is always marketing. Without marketing no one knows you exist regardless of how cool or awesome your product or service may be. It has been said that promoting a product or service without marketing is like winking at a pretty girl in the dark. You know what you’ve done, but she doesn’t have a clue because she can’t see you. How do you turn on the light?

Promote! Promote! Promote! Companies spend millions on this aspect of their business alone, but what if you don’t have millions to spend? Well that’s exactly what this article is all about. The very first step in marketing your product or service is to create a viable marketing strategy. Thanks to the web, you don’t have to be a Madison ave guru to do this. The web by it’s very nature is viral so viral marketing only makes sense. There are many sites around that cater to this marketing genre, but one of the best known is Chris Masterson’s Free Viral you can find him by logging on to . It is 100% free, easy to use and produces tremendous results when done properly. Another way of promoting your product or service for free is through the creation of groups or clubs centered around the product or service you intend to promote.

All of the major search engines from Yahoo to Google will allow you to do this for free, but one of my favorites is Yahoo Groups. Yahoo groups allows for the creation of groups and is extremely flexible in the sense that it allows for the placement of banner ads promoting your product or service and even the ability to incentivise the group. An example of this is . . The Internet Miners group is a yahoo group that teaches people how to mine the web for income, but it also gives the first 100 members a free e-book regarding internet marketing .

Another sure fire marketing technique is virtual list creation. This is a process that allows the user to create a list and add as many people as possible while they add you and your website which promotes your product or service. Some of the better list marketing companies actually allow others to pay you to be added to your list. This is hot!! To find out more, just click . I use this currently and am in love with the results. Well that’s all for now. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask. Happy Marketing!!


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