make money from home with freebie trading

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    Step 1

Create an account at a freebie trading forum. My favorite is There’s more out there though. You can also try If you google freebie trading forum, a list will populate.

Step 2

Read the forums rules and select a mentor to teach you the steps. Your mentor will refer you to freebie sites and pay you through paypal once you meet the specified requirements.

Step 3

When you are referred to a freebie site, you must complete anywhere from 1 offer to 4 offers to green (complete) an easy site. If you are smart you’d want to look for offers that give you the most credit for the least bit of money. If you can complete a site and only paid out $5-$8 bucks, then you will have made a nice profit as most mentors will pay you $25-$80 to complete a site and they pay usually the same day.

Step 4

Try to only complete easy beginner sites first because the more money you are paid to do a site, the more credits you will have to have to complete it. That means you have to spend more and even though you will still make a very nice profit, most people only have a small amount to invest when they begin.

Step 5

Don’t be afraid to try this, I was skeptical at first and even quit when I started. I went back to it after a week and I’m glad I did. Most of the offers are free trials so its possible to complete a site for free. Good Luck!


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