You and Me, After The Moonwreck : A Poem

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(I always wonder at the evolution of this universe, particulaely our own planet. We are not so sure how everything evolved here in this world. I have written quite a few poems regarding this and this poem is one of them.)

In the beginning
There was a God everywhere
And only few words
Of you and me only, nowhere
Anywhere to be seen
Undressed to the woods
Of ground and fire
The God saw nothing
The God said nothing to no one
He left the sky
All of a sudden out of the blanket
Of darkness and water
He unfurled the lonely petals
Of the budding sun
And the crazy moon appeared
Like a bolt from the blue
In lazy somnambulist’s blue gait
To see you and me
All in embracing nature

At that time of the moment
The crazy moon burned the flame
In a bowl of sacred fire
We kissed and kissed together
The cup of forbidden ale
We huffed and puffed all the more
In our body and soul together
As if there was a moonwreck nearby
In solitude of you and me
The God was not there to see anything
To denounce the oracle of desire
From the high mountain
Of the seventh heaven of the God
And we became one to one
As onesome as lonesome together
Any time sooner from the very beginning
To become as many as the drops of water
In the sacred ocean of eternal blood

That very day
The lone God died there all at once
As we became many more in thousand folds
From one lonesome soliloquy
To thousand words in sweet nothings
And you and me spoke together
In that beginning of all but surprises
Words of love and hate
Forsaking the ancient raiment
Of devilish gaze of shame
And you and me never lived
Happily thereafter in all embracing nature.


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