Bbq Chicken So Good, So Easy

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This past weekend I bbq’d up some chicken legs and used a different method this time that worked really well. In the past I had used olive oil to coat my chicken and spice them up. Doing this, I noticed that when I put my chicken over the direct flame, the olive oil burned and tasted kind of weird. This time I used canola oil and it worked much better due to the fact that canola, peanut and other oils like this can take the fire much better.

Here is how I did it:

First, I coated the chicken legs with canola oil and a blend of spices. Use your favorite spice blend or just good old salt and pepper will work as well.
After coating very well I let them sit in the fridge covered with plastic wrap for over an hour.
I love my Weber grill using the “off set” grilling method. This is my favorite way to grill almost everything because you have your hot and cold sides of the barbecue.
After the chicken legs had sat for over an hour I put them directly over the coals and would turn them about every thirty to forty five seconds or so to keep them from burning.

When grilling chicken, it is important to turn them constantly. Once my chicken legs were golden brown with a little char I switched them over to the cool side of the grill and coated them with my favorite barbecue sauce. I then set the lower vent on my Weber to a “sliver” and sent my top vent to a “sliver” as well. What I mean by this is that I am only allowing very little air to pass through the vents and once I put on the lid the coals will cool to about three hundred degrees or so. That is the perfect temp for chicken I have found because this allows you to put the lid on and leave them four about a half hour to forty five minutes or longer. Trust me, they will come out perfectly juicy!

Before taking my chicken legs off the grill I had put them back over direct heat for a final char. This helps make the sauce char a little and adds tons of flavor.

Try this method next time and you will love it. Cheap, easy, relaxing and very tasty!


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