Look and Feel Glamorous

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You should make sure that your complexion is at it’s very best. No one is flawless so don’t be to hard on your self about blemishes, ache, or uneven skin. All these things are normal and you shouldn’t feel bad. There are inexpensive facial products to help with better looking skin. Use an oil free moisturizer and toner as often for more radiant skin. Makeup is not a secret for looking glamorous, Make sure that your makeup isn’t caky or the wrong color. Make sure to soften any harsh lines left behind by eye shadow or heavy liners, you can do this with a blender brush makeup brush. Always use a face primer under your makeup. Primer helps makeup to go on smooth and stay on long. Many people prefer Smashbox photo finish face primer, but there are many other inexpensive face primers out there. Try the drug store for cheaper primers. I found one for $5 bucks!

Don’t forget about makeup glitter. After applying your eye makeup just add a little glitter for a more prettier look.

*A little glitter goes a LONG ways.

Use girlie colors like pink, purple and light shimmery greens. You should also invest in shimmery eye shadows there great! and glamorous.
Now just add your favorite lip gloss a nice nude or light pink color should do fine.

Time for hair. Try not to put to much heat in your hair because it will indeed damage you hair. Highlights or lowlights will add glam to any style. Cute hair clips OR head bands will add as nice touch.

*Don’t over do it

To achieve a glamorous look you have to stay hydrated. Drinking more water will help the white of your eyes to become whiter and heal your skin from past damage. So drink up!


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