3 Essential Tips to Building a Successful Website

The main reason to have a website is to have a online presence. Taking your business online or starting a new one means that you will use the website as a marketing tool to increase your sales. From a business point of view, a website is not art. It doesn’t need to be original or extremely beautiful to the eye. For a business owner, the website needs to bring more customers.

Therefore, the first mistake for a business owner is to hire a web designer who may be very talented at designing the most beautiful website, but who also lacks the knowledge of internet marketing. A website is an investment, not an expense. As an investment, a return will be expected: profits. Therefore, not knowing how to promote products online and the website itself is a bad investment.

As an entrepreneur, you must have a goal in mind before starting to build your website. For example, your goal could be building a mailing list by getting your visitors to subscribe to your ezine or informing them by providing articles or giving away free eBooks. Like any other advertising media, you need to target your audience. A successful website will tell your visitors about your offers, the benefits they get and the things they can do or achieve. Here are 3 essential tips to building a successful website:

First, you need to design a plan for your visitors. You need to tell your visitors exactly what to do and where to go. By directing them, you make their surfing easier and less confusing. Plus, if they followed your directions, that means you increased their interest. By the time they get to the order page, your visitor is convinced and ready to buy! It makes the sales process a lot easier. Depending on what you want them to do, you may want to use expressions like: “Click Here”, “Order Now”, “Subscribe Now”, “Buy Before”, “Sign Up Here”, “Enter Your E-mail Address Below”, etc.

Second, your website must provide valuable information and instantly tell your visitors what they can accomplish with your products or your services. If you provide them with original content that they can’t read anywhere else, they will surely stay longer and pay more attention. Remember, people buy from someone whom they know, like and trust. Create that bond with your prospects by giving them quality content.

And finally, make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Getting confused on a website and not knowing where to find the information fast and easily can be frustrating. Also, make sure that all your web pages load fast or your visitors will get bored and leave. Although your website can be plain and simple, it should still look professional. Check your spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure not to have any broken graphics or links. And choose background colors that won’t make your text hard to read.

Final words: Once you’ve gotten those three basic rules, you’re ready to build your website! You can pay someone to build it for you. You will still be in charge of providing the content and make sure to pick a web designer who has knowledge in internet marketing. You should deal with a webmaster who knows how to promote your website and how to make your website found by visitors. You can also build your own website as most hosting packages include a website builder software that requires little to no html knowledge at all. The choice is yours! Just follow these 3 essential tips to building a successful website!

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