How to prepare a Good Garden

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Your health is determined by what you eat, so goes the saying. How often we tend to this remark for granted spoiling ourselves in junk food that goes through our gullet. We need food that improves our health, balanced diet with all the nutrients that nourish our body.. Right across the world their various chronic illnesses that affect us during the course of our lives. Perhaps the best way to be on the road to cater for our health is to have our own home garden. A home garden should be one that  has all those crops to improve our diet and counter any ailments. In order to prepare a good and well maintained home garden, one should;

  1. Make good beds well leveled with soils that are fed with appropriate fertility
  2. Make a separate area for nursery bed with maintained seedlings ready for transplanting
  3. Always buy and keep in safe condition a variety of crop seeds, in varieties of vegetables, legumes and root crops
  4. Keep appropriate fertilizers and pesticides as a precaution against plant diseases
  5. Keep a good compost for organic manure, that is well maintained
  6. Have appropriate literature for all crops and seek advise were necessary

Growing and producing good and crops in your home garden takes great patience, from the time you put the seed in the ground and the wait to see the first shoot pop out. In growing your crops have love for the soils, tend them, feel them and take great care for them. Make every effort to feed the soils also with right quantities of water and manure for good fertility. For from this very soil comes the crop, that will produce the fruit, healthy fruit whose nutrient value will also add value to your health and your longevity. It is in these fruits that we gate appropriate cure for our ailments. So our home garden is as good as a dispensary, for in eating the fruits of our produce we retain our good health by healing all those torn tissues and improve our eyes’ power of visibility. So if you have that piece of land, why not begin now to work hard on it, prepare it and grow all those crops that you and your family would love to have on your table for the ultimate good of your health.


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