Make Foundation Last Longer

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First step is to start with a clean face. Use a mild cleanser good for your skin type. Remember just because it’s expensive don’t mean it’s worth it. Alba sales good face wash soaps and it’s healthy for the skin and not to expensive, but what ever you have should be good enough.

After your face has dried place a nice amount of face moisturizer (or face lotion) into the tips of your hand then place all over your face Make sure yours hands are clean this will prevent ache and bacteria from getting on your face. Be careful around your eyes. After your face dries from the moisturizer take your face primer add place a small amount on the area you wanted. You can purchase face primer at the drug store. Make sure to read the label and do some research on what kind you need for your specific skin type. Primer will give your skin a smooth surface for makeup application. Primer gets your skin ready for makeup.

Next AFTER your face primer dries add your foundation placing a drop where you want it start off small then when it dries add more if needed to your face. Next add your press powder or blot powder MAC sales a very good blot powder. Only add blot powder if your skin is really oily other then that depending on which brand primer you buy you really wont need anything else the primer will take care of all the shine and the mist the comes on your face when you’re hot.


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