Be and Stay Healthy

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A cheap way to become and stay healthy are fruits. A variety of fruits can help repair and heal damaged cells. Fruit is very high in antioxidants which are very important for over all health and they help you to feel young. Another way is vegetables. Vitamins are very important when trying to become and stay healthy. You need something to help fight against disease and infection. Tea is also another way to get important vitamins and minerals. Teas also help with neutralizing free radicals and decreasing rust in the body. Teas also give you energy and helps you to sleep well at night. All these things contribute to over all health.

Another way to be and feel healthy is to drink live vegetable juice. Invest in a juicer and juice as often as you can. The best way to get nutrients is to cook or juice veggies and it tastes really good. You can also steam your favourite veggie and then put into a blender and blend, season and eat. It’s very healthy and easy to digest. You can also cook your veggies in a crock pot for tasty stews and hearty soups!

Drink all the water you want it’s good for you. Remember water helps to flush toxins out of the body which is very important if you trying to get well again or trying to prevent becoming ill. Remember the only one that can change your health is you, this is so worth the effort. Don’t forget about probiotics it’s found in yogurt, soy yogurt and supplements.


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