How to Write An Interesting Short Story

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To make this as easy as possible the main character should be the total opposite of you. He/she should go places, say things, accomplish things amazingly. If your hair is long make the characters hair short, if your quiet make the character outspoken. It’s easy and acceptable for a story character. Since your main character is the opposite of you, you should not run short on imagination quickly and the adventures can be endless. It should also be easy for you to keep up with the characters motives and thoughts. Don’t forget to keep leading the readers on.


“As Mike came closer and closer to the door he could only hope that what was behind it could answer all his questions about his mother. He pull out the key chain and tried all five keys one by one until he found the match. Finally the last key Mike unlocks the lock and turns the door knob slowly. Suddenly! he heard a familiar voice it was his step mother Mike closed the door nervously and ran away”

Grab the readers every chance you get. People like drama!

Remember readers LOVE to be caught totally off guard. Maybe the mood is happy and light switch it and make it dark and emotional, if the sun is shining turn it around and make a volcano erupt, the readers will love it. DON’T forget the amazing ending. Don’t just end with everything and everyone “just fine” maybe someone is holding something back they should say that could maybe save heartache or a disappointing journey, and remember save some thoughts and save them for later because you may write a part 2 to your very interesting short story.


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