Tasty Vegan Tacos

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Instead of meat you’ll be using Pinto beans. Try fresh Pinto beans instead of canned because of sodium in take. Cook the beans like normal and just before it thickens add the taco seasoning.After the taco seasoning cooks down you’re ready to prepare your tacos.
place vegan cheese at the bottom of the taco shell then add the taco seasoned pinto beans. Top with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, peppers and vegan sour cream.This recipe is great because you’re still getting much needed protein and it’s much less FAT! And it tastes great. If you decide to reheat the beans for later you may need to add more seasoning, but taste the beans first so they won’t become too salty. Overall this recipe is very healthy and fun to make. If you buy beans that you have to soak before cooking here’s a tip. Wake up early in the morning and do so, then buy the time you’re ready to eat the worst part is over!

Feel free to be creative with seasoning your beans. If you’re cooking fresh pinto beans don’t forget to read the directions for how long to soak them! You can also make fresh salsa instead of buying already made . Don’t over or under cook the beans. Everyone can enjoy this tasty meal not only vegans. It really packs a punch when it comes to flavor. Homemade lemonade goes along great with these custom made tacos perfectly. This recipe is also great for nachos and chili. For chili you can add your favorite chili seasonings and don’t forget the crunchy tortilla chips and vegan cheese.


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